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Shake It Out – Aberdeen’s Best Shakes & Ice Cream

Summer is here! It’s arrived! And whatever the Scottish weather brings it’s time to celebrate with ice cream. As a local Aberdeen business Skene House has the lowdown on the Granite City, so here’s the insider knowledge on the best shakes, cones, and creams in town.


Summer = Ice Cream!

Crolla’s Gelateria
Just up the road from Skene House Whitehall and Rosemount is the delicious Crolla’s Gelateria. This firm has been producing traditional Italian Gelato in Glasgow since 1895, and recently opened an Aberdeen store. Famous for its Cold Stone Creations, which feature two scoops of ice cream, two toppings and two sauces, mixed together to create your own Crolla’s fantasy. For little ones, the cute teddy bear ice cream cones are hugely appealing. Ample seating is available to chill out.
5 minute walk from Skene House Rosemount, 7 from Skene House Whitehall and 20 from Skene House Holburn.

Baskin Robbins
This American chain dates back to 1945. The Aberdeen branch on Thistle Street is ideal for takeaways of ice creams, sundaes, milk shakes and waffles. A real treat in Aberdeen’s West End.
5 minute walk from Skene House Holburn, 10 from Skene House Whitehall and 12 from Skene House Rosemount.

Long Dog Café
Get super freaky with a ‘Freakshake’ from Long Dog Café on Claremont Street. A bit of a shake and a cake rolled into one, these crazy, colourful, cool creations have to be seen to be believed. Stack your shake high, with super indulgent towers of treats, featuring everything from pretzels, waffles, brownies, cream and ice cream, to chocolate buttons and biscuits, the sky’s the limit. Pooches are welcome too.
12 minutes walk from Skene House Holburn, 25 from Skene House Whitehall and 25 minutes walk from Skene House Rosemount.



Treats at Mackie’s 19.2

Mackie’s 19.2
An Aberdeen classic is Mackie’s Ice Cream. Their Traditional Luxury Ice Cream is so creamy that no extra flavouring is required. Although it can spark debates with those who believe that Plain and Vanilla ice cream are the same thing!!!! As if! Mackie’s has recently opened its first ice cream parlour in Aberdeen city centre – find it in the shiny and new Marischal Square. An array of flavours are available, but for a real Aberdonian touch it’s got to be the Buttery & Jam flavour. And if you’re wondering what the numbers 19.2 mean – well, it’s only 19.2 miles from the Mackie’s farm to its ice cream parlour.
13 minutes walk from Skene House Rosemount, 18 from Skene House Whitehall, and 20 from Skene House Holburn.

Casa di Gelato
For a taste of Italy, be it Gelato, Frozen Sorbet or Frozen Yoghurt, consider Casa di Gelato on King Street. As well as winning awards, this parlour also does a fine line in stunning ice cream cakes – for those moments when a cone simply isn’t enough!
20 minutes walk from Skene House Rosemount, 25 from Skene House Whitehall, and 30 from Skene House Holburn.

Shakes n Cakes
Keen on visiting Old Aberdeen? Then combine a historic day out with a cheeky cone. Shakes n Cakes on The Spital is a purple profusion of sweet treats. With branches on Great Northern Road, and a takeaway at Union Square Shopping Centre, it could amount to a wee ice cream tour of the city.
An 8-10 minute drive from the Skene House properties.

The Pavilion Café
Many kids and big kids feel that ice-cream and the seaside go hand in hand. You’re not wrong there. The Pavilion Café on the Beach Esplanade works because it has a handy window to order takeaway ice cream on fine days. Or nip inside to order and take a seat. From Mr Whippy to traditional ice cream, the choice is yours.
A ten minute drive from the Skene House properties.


A Selection at Partridge’s of Fraserburgh

And if you desire to head out of town here are a few highlights. Head South and you’ll find Aunty Betty’s in Stonehaven – always busy, always so tempting! Head north for Bicocchis’ of Fraserburgh, which is also home to Partridge’s where smoothies, milkshakes, iced frappés, ice creams, waffles, crepes and slushees are on the table. Continue round the North East coast to visit Portsoy Ice Cream in the picturesque seaside town of the same name.

But you don’t have to venture far from Skene House to enjoy ice cream. We’re not trying to sound greedy, but why not buy a tub? With Skene House’s fully furnished kitchens in every suite, it’s possible to store or freeze a range of ice cream, ice lollies, milk and fruit. And rather than try an international brand, why not opt for an Aberdonian speciality – pick up a tub of Mackie’s Ice Cream, or Portsoy Ice Cream in its trademark purple tubs.


Portsoy Ice Cream

Or to make your own shake, whip out the hand blenders (available on request), simply blend up some milk and fresh strawberries with a scoop of ice-cream, and a fruity, sweet treat is all yours.

At Skene House you’re the one in control. Your own place. Your own kitchen. Your own bathroom. Your own bedrooms. Your own front door. Your own apartment. Skene House offers the Suite Life in Scotland. For more information browse, get in touch at +44 1224 659 392 or email



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