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Great Coffee Shops and Cafes in Aberdeen

 We all need a pitstop, and when you’re in a new city it helps to have the lowdown on the latest coffee shops with the freshest offering. A cool cafe gives insight into a city, its trends, its vibe and outlook. You can spend time with the locals and be part of the scene. Skene House Apartment Hotels are bang in the centre of Aberdeen with excellent coffee shops on our doorstep. We love keeping our finger on the pulse, sampling the latest cakes, bakes and brews (tough job, but someone has to do it) to reveal the top spots for you to refuel.

Near Skene House Whitehall – Skene House Whitehall offers extended stay accommodation from seven nights or longer, so our guests here will be living like locals. We’ll help point you in the direction of the best baristas.

Cult of Coffee – Literally across the road from Whitehall, Cult of Coffee is the antithesis of the coffee chains that dominate the high street, and takes particular pride in its beans. Whilst it doesn’t do lunches, it serves great cakes, and toys are available for little ones. [10 seconds walk from Whitehall, 5 minutes walk from Rosemount, and 12 minutes walk from Holburn.]

Bonobo – With an unexpected and enchanting rooftop garden, Bonobo offers both indoor and outdoor seating, with quirky decoration. It’s a workers cooperative so the staff are fully involved, and its food and drink is 100% vegan. The coconut milk lattes, accompanied with a peanut satay wrap, and a chocolate brownie, can’t be argued with. [1 minute walk from Whitehall, 5 minutes walk from Rosemount, and 12 minutes walk from Holburn.]

Corner Tree Cafe – Set in a quiet area, Treehouse Cafe offers a mean line in savoury waffles and beautiful French Toast. A varied kids’ menu is also available, in a relaxed setting in a more residential part of the city centre. [8 minutes walk from Whitehall, 13 minutes walk from Rosemount, and 14 minutes walk from Holburn.]

Near Skene House Rosemount – Our Rosemount apartments are ideal for anyone looking for central accommodation for stays of one night or longer. Ideally situated near the shops, bars and restaurants, smack bang in the city, Rosemount is spot on for business travel, city breaks, girls/lads weekends, or family escapes. Whilst every apartment comes with a fully fitted and furnished kitchen, giving guests the freedom to cook and create a range of meals and beverages, escaping for a coffee lets visitors mix with Aberdonians and visitors to the city alike, and get a true sense of the Granite City.

Teasel and Tweed – Delightful Scottish gifts, delicious cakes, and fresh coffee, make Teasel and Tweed on Rosemount Viaduct a good stop for refreshments, as well as souvenir hunting and shopping. [1 minute walk from Rosemount, 6 minutes walk from Whitehall, and 14 minutes walk from Holburn.]

The Bread Maker – The range of artisan bread here is so good the Bread Maker has been supplying Skene House with their baking for years. As well as creating an imaginative range of rolls, loaves and buns, the Breadmaker is a central stop for a coffee fix. This social enterprise cafe also provides training as well as social activities to adults with learning disabilities. Find it, a few doors down from our Rosemount property, on Rosemount Viaduct. [1 minute walk from Rosemount, 6 minutes walk from Whitehall, and 14 minutes walk from Holburn.]

The Cat in the Window – For something a little different, for those who wish to mix cats with their coffee, book a slot at the Cat in the Window for felines and food combined. Feel like the cat who’s got the cream in Netherkirkgate. [13 minutes walk from Rosemount, 19 minutes walk from Whitehall, and 18 minutes walk from Holburn.]

Near Skene House Holburn – At the edge of where the West End meets the city centre, our Holburn property is in the heart of Aberdeen’s cafe culture, and here are some tempting spots to explore.

Foodstory – With a strong vegetarian and vegan offering, Foodstory on Thistle Street offers great coffee as well as a varied selection of gluten free treats and dishes. And if you fancy something stronger than coffee, in the evenings it’s possible to BYOB. [6 minutes walk from Holburn, 8 minutes walk from Whitehall, and 6 minutes walk from Rosemount.]

Almondine – For elegance, excellent patisserie and a taste of the finer things in life step inside Almondine on Thistle Street. If you fancy a macaron with your coffee there’s no better place to be. [6 minutes walk from Holburn, 8 minutes walk from Whitehall, and 6 minutes walk from Rosemount.]

Cafe Society – If you’re tempted by the latest trend for raw cakes then drop by Cafe Society on Union Street for a sweet but raw alternative to traditional baking. [4 minutes walk from Holburn, 9 minutes walk from Whitehall, and 11 minutes walk from Rosemount.]

The Long Dog – This quirky dog friendly cafe on Claremont Street has its own complementary pet boutique just around the corner. Any dog must be accompanied by a well behaved owner, but don’t worry, a canine friend isn’t compulsory to enjoy the coffee at The Long Dog. And if you fancy trying something new, indulge yourself by ordering a Freakshake! These momentous, milky, saucy, sweet treats are rich in colour, flavour and crazy toppings – it’s the drink of legends! [12 minutes walk from Holburn, 24 minutes walk from Whitehall, and 26 minutes walk from Rosemount.]

Bev’s Bistro – With one owner a foodie who worked with clients such as Harrods and The Waldorf in London, and another owner who’s a coeliac, passionate about producing quality gluten and wheat free food, Bev’s Bistro on Holburn Street offers diversity in Aberdeen’s coffee scene. The couple pride themselves on using local suppliers such as Devenick Dairy, The Store, Castleton Farm, Hardmuir Farm, Fernieflett Farm and Sheridans’ the butcher, and their coffee bean of choice is Super Crema. [4 minutes walk from Holburn, 15 minutes walk from Whitehall, and 17 minutes walk from Rosemount.]

Seven Cafe – This central cafe on Summer Street is particularly proud of its coffee suppliers and state of the art equipment. And it does a homely slice of carrot cake too. [6 minutes walk from Holburn, 11 minutes walk from Whitehall, and 9 minutes walk from Rosemount.]

Other West End Cafes of note include Coppa Cafe and Cafe Cognito. Both on St Swithin Street, they offer outdoor seating, good coffee and a friendly welcome. [11 minutes walk from Holburn, 20 minutes walk from Whitehall, and 24 minutes walk from Rosemount.]

City Centre Cafes – These great cafes are within walking distance of all three Skene House properties and stand out from the crowd.

Contour Cafe – Located on the atmospheric Green area of Aberdeen, wander the cobbled streets under the main arteries of the city to discover this small gem of a coffee shop. [17 minutes walk from Holburn, 20 minutes walk from Whitehall, and 15 minutes walk from Rosemount.]

The Coffee House – A spacious airy venue in the heart of the city, its large tables welcome individuals, groups, parents with buggies and couples. A very versatile coffee stop on Gaelic Lane. [14 minutes walk from Holburn, 15 minutes walk from Whitehall, and 10 minutes walk from Rosemount.]

Books and Beans – Wish to escape from it all? Then digest a novel as you tuck into coffee and cake on Belmont Street. [14 minutes walk from Holburn, 15 minutes walk from Whitehall, and 10 minutes walk from Rosemount.]

The central locations of the Skene House apartments make them a fantastic base for exploring what Aberdeen has to offer. Within walking distance of the rail and transport links, and a short cab ride from the airport, the Skene properties are ideal for short breaks or for long-stay/relocation accommodation, boasting the freedom of a stylish, modern apartment, with the benefits of a hotel. Our receptions are manned 24 hours a day with staff happy to assist you in any way we can, our guest lounges serve complimentary teas and coffees, breakfast can be booked, and we have a range of services such as free in-house laundries and excellent free wifi. Each property offers free onsite city centre parking, so we like to think we’ve thought of everything!

To discover more about Skene House accommodation in the heart of the Granite City click here. Call +44 1224 659 392 or email for further information.



12 thoughts on “Great Coffee Shops and Cafes in Aberdeen

  1. I don’t drink coffee but my husband literally cant function without it!! These all sound great, we are in Scotland next week!

    1. Skene House Blogger says:

      What part are you visiting? I hope you enjoy it.

  2. Sarah Ebner says:

    So many cool places here – love the idea of Foodstory and the Bread Maker in particular, but so much variety. I have a friend in Aberdeen, so will whizz this to her to check out too!

    1. Skene House Blogger says:

      She’ll no doubt know a lot of these establishments but there may be a fair few that have slipped under the radar, or she hasn’t got round to visiting yet. Hope she enjoys her coffee and cake with your assistance! 🙂

  3. Claire says:

    These sound like great places. I love my morning cup of coffee 🙂

    1. Skene House Blogger says:

      For sure, whether it’s vegan, decaff or full, strong coffee there’s a brew for most people.

  4. Jon says:

    I’ve had weekends in Aberdeen and you are spot on with this post there are some fantastic coffee shops in all parts of the city.

    1. Skene House Blogger says:

      We do seem to like a quality coffee shop up here. Glad you noticed it too!

  5. I want to visit Aberdeen now to check out all these coffee shops! Skene House apartments sound great for a family trip – I love to have the freedom to be able to cook a meal or snack ‘at home’ when we’re away. And the free city parking is a great bonus.

    1. Skene House Blogger says:

      Maybe not all in one day, unless you hit the decaff or course. It’s a great selection to visit over the course of a few days. We try to offer a real home from home, and we know how much parking in close proximity to your accommodation matters to families with young children.

  6. james says:

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