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Have the Best Night Out in Aberdeen

A long awaited Night Out, be it with colleagues or pals, is one of life’s pleasures. The time of year when photocopiers and dares should potentially be avoided so here’s how to make it a relaxed evening to remember.

Make your Celebration Easy – The biggest headache about a night out is getting home at the end of it. Clubbing together for an apartment is often cheaper than individual taxis, it’s also far more relaxing as you can choose to go home whenever you wish. No more cancelled or delayed cabs, no more trying to gather your crew together at the appointed hour, no more leaving a night out just as you’re actually getting into it, or wishing you’d booked the taxi an hour earlier, no more queuing or trying to flag down a cab along with half the city’s population. Your night out is under your control.

Skene House Apartment Hotels are located in central, well lit locations, close to the city’s bars, restaurants and night clubs. Its receptions are manned 24 hours a day so you return to a safe, homely environment. With one, two or three bedroom apartments, guests have their own room with the added benefit of a kitchen and living area.

Getting Ready – Getting ‘party ready’ at Skene House is a pleasure. Rather than commute home, get changed, only to commute back into the city and try to find parking, why not simply check in with your friends and kick back. Put your tipple in the fridge to keep it cool, enjoy a free drink at the Whitehall and Holburn properties then head to your apartment to glam up. Getting ready for a night out with a group of pals can be the highlight of the evening!

Having the space to prepare, taking time over a manicure, or just relaxing in the living room is a real joy for those with busy lives and households. With ample free parking at Skene House the car isn’t an issue either.

Treat Yourself – For those essential last minute manicures, spray tans, up-dos or barber visits then here are the top recommendations nearby.

Skene House Rosemount – There are rich pickings when it comes to hair and beauty in this area but highlights include James Dun’s House and Ispiro on Schoolhill, Zuri Hair and Beauty in the Academy Shopping Centre and Beautylicious on Rosemount Viaduct. For a new barber shop try the wonderful Mr Dun on Belmont Street.

Skene House Holburn – Again, lots of big names within walking distance. Saks and Toni&Guy have salons on Union Street. Local enterprises Na Na Nail Studio and Hatstand Nelly can be booked for beauty treatments on Holburn Street. The House on Great Western Road is a luxurious spa option if you wish to indulge. And for the men Master Cut barbers on Holburn Street and the Men’s Emporium on Thistle Street will smarten up your evening.

Skene House Whitehall – There’s lots to choose from on Rosemount Place including the Barber’s Pole, Simply Bliss beauty salon, Oxygen hairdressing or Cach-ca hair studio. Hombre barber is about a ten minute walk away on Beechgrove Terrace, and Scott Holliman hair is nearby on Leadside Road.

The Day After the Night Before – Skene House guests receive a complimentary breakfast in the morning. If you desire a strong coffee first thing, make it in the privacy of your apartment kitchen and return to bed, then wander down for breakfast at a more civilised hour. For those with young families at home the merits of an uninterrupted night’s sleep, and even a potential lie in the next morning, cannot be understated!

After a great night out, then a restful overnight at Skene House, all that’s left to do is return home with some great stories…

Find out more about Skene House’s leisure weekends here, call +44 1224 659 392 or email



23 thoughts on “Have the Best Night Out in Aberdeen

  1. Talya says:

    Oooh feeling really festive just reading this!

    1. Skene House Blogger says:

      It’s definitely that time of year!

  2. I’ve never been to Aberdeen! But you’ve just made me want to visit! 😉

    1. Skene House Blogger says:

      Please do! Lots to see and do.

  3. What a lovely post. I would love a night out in Aberdeen.

    1. Skene House Blogger says:

      The night life is really good! Try it some time.

  4. I’ve never been to Aberdeen but it sounds like a fabulous night out! We love Scotland but tend to stick to Edinburgh. xx

    1. Skene House Blogger says:

      I love Edinburgh too but sometimes it’s good to try something new. If you fancy heading up further north you know where we are.

  5. I’ve never been to Aberdeen, but it sounds like a fab place to spend the night 🙂 x

    1. Skene House Blogger says:

      Excellent restaurants, a wide range of bars (from Brewdog, to Champagne bars, whisky bars and cocktails bars) and a lively night life. Or you can have a quiet night in with pals!

  6. Ella Ivoire says:

    I’ve never been to Aberdeen but your post makes me want to visit sometime soon! 🙂

    1. Skene House Blogger says:

      Please do. It’s always worth trying somewhere new.

  7. Whoo you have me wanting to go out now!! Sounds like lots of great things to do in Aberdeen 🙂

    1. Skene House Blogger says:

      Definitely. Great night life, solid shopping and excellent restaurants.

  8. This sounds like such a treat for Christmas. I really like the idea of a Christmas holiday and these apartments tick a lot of boxes

    1. Skene House Blogger says:

      Yes, when it comes to a big night out I love getting ready in a group of friends, and an apartment is perfect for that. Hope you have some good Christmas nights out lined up.

  9. Karen says:

    Sound like so much fun, makes you want to be there

    1. Skene House Blogger says:

      Excellent! Well you know where we are 🙂

  10. Alina says:

    I need to visit my relatives who live near by so these are super ideas for then. Lots of and lots of fun 🙂

  11. Kara Guppy says:

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas……we are visiting in Feb

    1. Skene House Blogger says:

      Wonderful. Well hopefully I’ve given you some suggestions about where to stay and what to do. There’s lots of other posts on the Skene Journal that may be helpful for you. Do keep us posted.

  12. Anosa says:

    Oh I rememeber the days of clubbing in another city and staying at a hotel because it would have been too expensive to travel home. I have never been out on the town in Arbedeen before.

    1. Skene House Blogger says:

      Very lively night life, lots of lovely restaurants and bars. You should try it! Something new.

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