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Moving to Aberdeen for University


 Having a friendly and welcoming base from which to start flat/house hunting will make the search much more enjoyable and productive. Our three central locations are ideal for getting the feel of the areas you might like to live in and are within easy commuting distance to Robert Gordon and Aberdeen Universities.

ASPC provides a good overview online to help you get a good idea of rental prices and the types of accommodation you can get for your money.

Gumtree is another good online source for seeking student accommodation in Aberdeen – however, be wary if anyone asks you for money up front or personal details such bank account or passport details prior to meeting.

 Top 5 packing essentials:

  • When moving into your first student digs in Aberdeen, make it feel like home by buying a few soft furnishings – a colourful cosy blanket will see you through the long winter and brighten up a small space.
  • Ear plugs – you may want to party in the first few weeks of term but some of you will also need your rest when the coursework and exams kick in; unfortunately not everyone will share your work ethics. Ear plugs will come in handy if you’ve got noisy neighbours/flat mates and all you want to do is get some R&R!
  • Flip flops – if you will be sharing a bathroom in student halls you might want to safeguard your souls.
  • A good quality, warm coat – this will be the best student investment you will make in your first year of university in Aberdeen! Many Aberdeen students have told me that they didn’t splash out on a decent coat until their last year and really wished they had done it sooner. It really will transform your experience in Aberdeen. Here is our favourite places to find a good quality, warm coats and clothing in Aberdeen: Country Ways, Cotswold Outdoors, Craigdon Mountain Sports, Tiso Outdoors. North Face coats are great value and quality and if you can afford it, Canada Goose is amazing – the weather won’t stop you from enjoying yourself in Aberdeen with a cosy coat.
  • Bring some framed photos of family and friends to decorate your new room, if home sickness sets in these may bring a smile to your face.

Where to find low cost student essentials: 

  • Dunelm Mill
  • Poundland, Union Street
  • Choose from a great selection of charity shops around Aberdeen
  • Aberdeen Market
  • WH Smith
  • Pure Gym

If you’re staying at Skene House HotelSuites whilst looking for student accommodation in Aberdeen don’t hesitate to ask our concierge team for expert local knowledge on where to quickly and easily find everything you need to start a fantastic student life in Aberdeen….and don’t forget to bring the whole family back to stay for graduation!

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