Dining at Skene House – Choose Between a Dozen Restaurants!

At Skene House in Aberdeen we do things differently. For example, some hotels have a restaurant, meanwhile we boast a dozen. That’s because we’ve partnered up with a varied and flavoursome mix of the top eateries in the Granite City. We always try to go that extra mile and give our guests more, so why […]

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Skene House, Aberdeen – Where Customer Service Exceeds Expectations

  When Skene House was established nearly 40 years ago it shunned the one-size-fits-all approach typical of many chain hotels. Excellent customer service, family-focus and North East loyalty have been our core messages since day one. Treating each individual guest as, well, an individual, with their own individual requirements, needs and lifestyle, is still at the […]

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Family First in Aberdeen

  When Skene House launched in 1979, founder Charles Skene CBE, OBE and MBA, put his head above the parapet and offered something new. Stepping […]

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