Children’s Birthday Parties at Skene House, Aberdeen

Children’s Birthday Parties at Skene House, Aberdeen Parents are frequently looking for somewhere new and different to hold their child’s birthday party, rather than heading to the same destinations time and time again. At Skene House we know how important birthdays can be, as we’re in the midst of a very special year ourselves. In […]

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40 Reasons to Book your Wedding Guests into Skene House

Planning an Aberdeen or shire wedding? Finding affordable, quality accommodation for your wedding guests is one of the many decisions (alongside rings, cars, dresses, hairstyles and favours) that engaged couples need to ponder. But think on this: if your guests are happy, relaxed, comfortable and at ease with their surroundings it’s sure to impact positively […]

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Beachlife, Aberdeen Style

Aberdeen Beaches – Aberdeen is a coastal city, and you don’t have to travel far from the three city centre Skene House properties to feel […]

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Be My Guest, at Skene House Apartments Aberdeen

  Be My Guest, at Skene House Apartments Aberdeen:- When you’re a guest somewhere it’s nice to feel special and, simultaneously, feel at home. First […]

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Farmers Markets and Artisan Food in Aberdeen

If you’re looking for foodie experiences in Aberdeen then rest assured: with our coastal location the Granite City can offer seafood, as well a great […]

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40 Reasons PAs Should Book Skene House!

  It’s our 40th anniversary! Skene House has been offering quality, serviced apartments and suites in Aberdeen for four decades. Over the years we’ve liaised […]

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What’s New in Aberdeen

  Operating in Aberdeen for forty years Skene House has seen a lot of changes and enjoyed many new trends. Whilst, naturally, we love shouting […]

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Street Art at Skene House Rosemount, as Nuart hits Aberdeen

  Skene House has been operating in Aberdeen for forty years, and one of our favourite festivals is the fresh and vibrant Nuart street art and […]

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Living Rooms for Living, at Skene House, Aberdeen

  One Size does not Fit All at Skene House in Aberdeen. You’re an individual, and our suites and apartments are as unique as you are. We believe that life […]

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