40 Reasons to Book Skene House Apartments in Aberdeen

40 Reasons to Book Skene House Apartments in Aberdeen – Skene House has been offering quality, serviced apartments and suites in Aberdeen for over four decades. Over the years we’ve listened to our customers and liaised with PAs from vast global businesses and small family companies. From creatives, managers and astronauts, to dancers or teams straight off the rigs, if you’re looking for accommodation for your team or your family we’ve got it covered.

So here we go… Our top 40!

1 Easy to book. Whatever your booking style we’re easy to book with. Either head online and snap up a suite, or phone us directly and chat through specific requirements. So whether it’s the personal touch or an online booking system, we’ll get your crew booked in.

2 Space. We offer space. Rather than have your family/colleagues sitting in cramped hotel rooms, we provide one bedroom suites, and two or three bedroom apartments, each with their own living room and kitchen. Feel the freedom and the space to live at Skene House.

40 Reasons to Book Skene House Apartments in Aberdeen 

Modern living at Skene House

3 Isolation. Your relatives/colleagues can keep themselves to themselves at Skene House. It’s a home from home, your own apartment where you can work, prepare food and relax. Very different to a hotel experience.

4 Save on Restaurant Bills. Each suite and apartment has its own fully furnished dining kitchen. Guests can chill drinks, and prepare their own meals if they wish. Often a spot of home-cooking fits the bills, and saves money.

40 Reasons to Book Skene House Apartments in Aberdeen 

40 Reasons to Book Skene House Apartments in Aberdeen

5 Laundry. You can book an apartment or suites with a washing machine, or guests can use our free laundries, complete with complimentary washing powder and fabric conditioner. Beats expensive dry-cleaning bills, and enables guests to travel light.

40 Reasons to Book Skene House Apartments in Aberdeen

A kitchen with a washer/drier in our Holburn Property

6 Central. Our three properties are centrally located in the Granite City.

7 Close to the Railway Station. Our properties are within walking distance or a short cab ride from Aberdeen station.

8 Close to the Ferry Terminal. Our properties are within walking distance or a short cab ride from the ferries that service Orkney and Shetland.

9 Close to the Bus Station. Our properties are within walking distance or a short cab ride from Aberdeen bus station.

10 Easy to reach from Aberdeen Airport. Our properties are a twenty minute cab ride from the airport.

11 Free City Centre Parking. Each of our properties offers free parking for guests, taking the stress and hassle out of city living.

40 Reasons to Book Skene House Apartments in Aberdeen

Welcome to the Bat Cave, a unique meeting space

12 Meeting Rooms. When it’s safe to do so, we also offer fresh, modern meeting rooms. Known as the Bat Caves they’re a cut above the rest. Our Mezzanine Meeting Room also fits the bill.

13 Business Centre. We’re more than an accommodation provider, the Skene Group has three business centres to its name, one within Skene House Rosemount. This is a one stop shop for business travellers.


Business Centres at Skene House

14 Safe and Secure. Many of our business guests are solo travellers. The Skene House properties are located in central Aberdeen, on busy, well lit streets. Feel at ease in Aberdeen.

15 24 Hour Reception. At our Holburn property our reception staff are always there for your team. It’s also reassuring, from a safety perspective, to have a manned team at the desk.

40 Reasons to Book Skene House Apartments in Aberdeen

24 Hour Reception at Skene House

16  Guest Lounges. Each property boasts a stylish Guest Lounge. When we reopen them, this space will provide ideal break out space for informal meetings, for gathering colleagues together before heading out for the day/dinner, or simply for reading a paper and watching the world go by.

Skene House Guest Lounge at Whitehall

Skene House Guest Lounge at Whitehall

17 Complimentary Teas and Coffee. The Guests Lounges offer complimentary Caber Coffee and a range of teas for guests to enjoy.

18 Free Strong Wifi. Not only is our wifi free but it’s notably strong. Carry on working in your apartment, or chill out browsing social media.

19 Breakfast.  At all our properties, guests can prepare breakfast in their own fully furnished kitchens, or at our Holburn hotel guests can enjoy a continental buffet and/or cooked breakfast delivered contactlessly to their room. The choice is yours.  You can choose a breakfast inclusive rate or a room only rate.

20 Dietary Requirements. Don’t fret about dietary requirement. There are multiple vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free destinations on our doorstep. Skene House guests always have the option of cooking their desired dishes in their own furnished dining kitchen.


Visit one of Skene House’s Partner Restaurants

21 Partner Restaurants. Most hotels offer one in-house restaurant. We’ve done things differently, partnering up with several quality restaurants offering a range of cuisine. Bills can simply be added to the Skene House account to make life easier, so read more here.

22 Partner Gyms. We’ve now partnered up with three gyms, offering a range of classes, pools, courts and equipment. If you’re away from home for long periods you may still wish to keep active and healthy. Read more here.

23 Shopping. Our central properties are ideal for shopping, in close proximity to the city’s large shopping centres and its boutique offering.

24 Long Stay. If you’re seeking long stay accommodation then look no further. Skene House Whitehall specialises in stays of one month or more.

25 Excellent Service. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. Whether it’s receiving and packing away guests’ online supermarket shopping, or signing for deliveries and bringing it straight to their suite, we’ll always go the extra mile.

40 Reasons to Book Skene House Apartments in Aberdeen

The Gardens at Skene House Whitehall

26 Gardens. For those who value outdoor space then consider our long stay accommodation at Skene House Whitehall. The gardens offer outdoor seating, sun loungers and a place to escape from it all.

27 Skene House Journal. Our blog is a hive of information. We want to share the best, the latest and the most interesting nuggets about Aberdeen to enhance your stay. Read on…

28 Social Media. Discover more about Skene House across our social media. Check out our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

The Guest Lounge at Skene House Holburn

The Guest Lounge at Skene House Holburn

29 The Devil’s in the Detail. We can’t tell you everything that makes Skene House special, but many thoughtful details make our guests’ stay more comfortable. One small example? We leave a bottle of fresh milk in every fridge, so guests can arrive at any time of day or night and make themselves a decent cup of tea or coffee.

30 We Work with the Best. From multiple oil companies, to Scottish Ballet and NASA, we welcome the world’s finest whilst on business.

31 Style It Out. We can find a suite or apartment to suit your family/colleague’s style. From modern, contemporary duplexes, to homely suites or floral apartments, let us know your vibe and we’ll get it booked.

Holburn Floral Bedroom

Find your style at Skene House

32 Art and Design. Over the years we’ve collaborated with some of the world’s finest interior designers, think Monica Apponyi, Paul Hull, David Hicks and Mary Fox Linton. Relax in style at Skene House.

33 Serviced!  At our Holburn property, apartments booked for a week or more are serviced at a mutually agreed time to avoid contact. Return home to a sparkling apartment.

40 Reasons to Book Skene House Apartments in Aberdeen

Welcoming pups at Skene House

34 Dog Friendly. Should your colleague need or require to bring a canine pal with them then we’re cool with that. Read up on the details here.

35 Dedicated Long-serving Staff. Many of our team have spent decades at Skene House, sometimes even bringing their children into the business. They get to know the guests, and they’ll get to know you.

36 Make a Weekend of It. We encourage all our travellers to make the most of any leisure time during their stay, and explore Aberdeen and shire. As the home of craft beer, on the doorstep of Royal Deeside, and close to distilleries, castles and golf courses, there’s so much to do if you wish to entertain.

37 Family Friendly. Our founder Charles Skene started Skene House when he saw families trying to resettle in Aberdeen, staying in cramped hotels as they looked for permanent accommodation. Children playing in hotel corridors and families dining in stuffy restaurants every night. He created Skene House as a family friendly alternative, so bring the kids too if you wish.

38 Local Knowledge. We’ve been providing quality accommodation for over 40 years, since the start of the oil boom, so we know Aberdeen, its industry and its people exceptionally well. Local knowledge is where it’s at.

39 Pioneers. We were among the first providers of serviced apartments and suites in the UK. Like many people coming to Aberdeen seeking black gold, we were pioneers. After forty years we’re experts in our field.

40 Reasons to Book Skene House Apartments in Aberdeen

It’s All About You

40 It’s All About You. Ultimately at Skene House it’s all about you. We’re accommodating and people orientated. So if there’s something different that you’d like to book or organise, talk to us and we’ll try to make the magic happen.

Skene House offers one bedroom suites, and two and three bedroom apartments, each with their own furnished kitchen and living room. We give you space to be creative and to work as you wish! Skene House offers the Suite Life in Aberdeen with free city centre parking, strong wifi and the option to book a B&B rate. So for more information get in touch at, phone +44 1224 659 392 or email 

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