Business Under One Roof – at Skene House

Businesses flourish and expand, but sometimes it’s smart to keep everything under one roof. This is the streamlined thinking we offer at Skene House, Aberdeen. Why traipse from venue to venue when we’re a one-stop-shop for most business requirements. We love the fact that we’re known for our excellent accommodation, but we offer far more than sleek suites: welcome to Project Skene.

Conferences and Meetings
Let us introduce you to the Bat Caves! Skene House Meeting Rooms offer something quite special. Our central Rosemount location offers two Atrium Meeting Rooms, which we’ve nicknamed The Bat Caves. Each ‘Cave’ can host up to 45 guests. Flooded with natural light the room is a talking point in itself: an excellent space for showcasing images or presentations.


The ‘Bat Caves’ at Skene House Rosemount

The slightly larger Mezzanine Meeting Room caters for up to seventy people. Various layout options can be implemented to make the room fit requirements.

We’ve got the kit. At Skene House there’s easy access to projectors, screens, flip charts and audio-visual equipement. Let us know what you require and we’ll get it sorted.

We’ve got the Grub! A range of catering options are available as we realise the importance of ‘Brain Food’. Breakfasts, brunches, lunches, fruit baskets, sweets, cordials, still and sparkling water can be organised. We can buy local, source gluten free, organic or vegan- basically there’s a wealth of rich food offerings in Aberdeen that we can tap into on your behalf. And, of course, non-stop tea and coffee throughout day.


Skene House Business Centre

Office Space and Business Centre
Did you know that it’s possible to operate your business from Skene House, with Business Centres at Rosemount, Queen’s Gardens and Rubislaw Den North? We can have you up and running within 24 hours. We’re talking Serviced Offices, Virtual Offices and hot-desking facilities. Day to day logistics are taken care of, such as reception, switchboard, post, maintenance and housekeeping services. On a practical level we offer IP and digital switchboards with DDI numbers and voicemail messaging systems with a dedicated leased line internet connection.
City centre parking, private gardens and even shower facilities are available. All you have to do, is concentrate on making your business a success. For more in-depth detail click here.

Superior Suite Skene House Rosemount

Accommodation at Skene House Rosemount

Skene House is renowned for its forwarding thinking approach to business accommodation and delivering what the modern traveller requires. We offer the Suite Life: one, two or three bedroom suites featuring their own living rooms, desk space and fully furnished kitchens, so you don’t just work in Aberdeen you can live here. We understand that the novelty of cramped hotel rooms, however luxurious, soon wears off!

Our Suites come with hotel benefits, such as a reception desk manned 24 hours, comfortable Guest Lounges with complimentary tea and coffee, strong, free Wifi throughout all our buildings, and even laundry facilities so our guests can travel light. Get the lowdown here about our cutting-edge accommodation.


Guest Lounge at Skene House Whitehall

Long Stay Accommodation
Some business travellers need to find a home from home. Be it due to intense, extensive projects or relocation, we’ve got it covered. Skene House Whitehall specialises in Long-Term stays. We appreciate that after a few weeks in a hotel the glamour of eating out ebbs away, there’s no space to entertain visitors or family, washing clothes and storing food is an interesting challenge, even making a decent coffee in a hotel room can be disheartening. We are business travellers ourselves and we know what we’re talking about.
At Skene House Whitehall our guests can live life during their time in Aberdeen, enjoying evenings in their own living room, rustling up home-cooked meals, watching tele, and making a cup of tea just the way they like it. Looking for long term accommodation? Look here!


Partner Restaurant, ‘Granite Park’

Partner Restaurants
You may have noticed that at Skene House we do things differently. Rather than offer one hotel restaurant we offer our guests a dozen choices through our Partner Restaurant Scheme. The benefits to business travellers are multiple. Firstly, there’s Variety, there’s One Invoice (dine at any of our partner restaurants and your bill can simply be added to your room bill at Skene House, just as would happen in a hotel), and there are Vouchers (many businesses have a fixed meal allowance. Each evening we can provide a voucher, made out to the correct amount, for your use at any of our partner restaurants). It’s Ideal for Groups (rather than one poor soul picking up the tab, a group meal can simply be charged back to the company bill at Skene). And there’s No Hassle, simply choose your restaurant, and our reception staff will contact the venue and book a table on your behalf. Discover more info here.

Central Location
All three Skene House properties are located in central Aberdeen, a few minutes walk from the railway station, bus station and ferry terminal, and a short drive from Aberdeen Airport. With amenities, attractions and businesses on your doorstep, Skene House is truly at the centre of things in the Granite City.

We offer free city centre parking so you and your colleagues have one less thing to worry about. Just park, and go.


Skene House prides itself on excellent Customer Service

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service. We’ve shunned the one-size-fits-all approach since day one. Excellent customer service, family-focus and North East loyalty have been our core messages from the get go.

And don’t forget, we have glorious Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Royal Deeside on our doorstep. All work and no play make any business traveller dull, so if you get the chance read up on the attractions that may tempt you and get out there!

We don’t mean to boast, but at Skene House we really can offer everything you need under one roof. At Skene you’re the one in control. Your own workspace. Slick Meeting Rooms. Your own kitchen. Your own bathroom. Your own bedrooms. Your own front door. Your own apartment. Skene House offers the Suite Life in Scotland and even Sweeter Business Opportunities. For more information browse, get in touch at +44 1224 659 392 or email



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