Celebrate Mother’s Day with Skene House

Mother’s Day is just around the corner so we thought we would celebrate some inspirational local mums and find out where they like to spend quality time with their loved ones in and around Aberdeen.

Meet Jennifer, Suzanne and their mum Susan…
This talented trio founded their family business Almondine in 2011, located on Thistle St, Aberdeen. Producers of the most delicious macrons and fine patisserie we’ve ever tasted, we’re proud to work with Almondine when we have important events going on. Next time we’re exhibiting make sure to pop by our stand, chances are we’ll have some Almondine macrons to make your day. We spoke to Jennifer who said that when they manage to get spare time together, away from the business, they love to go to Amicus Apple, relax with a spa day, or when the weather is good, they can’t resist an ice-cream by the beach!


Catherine and her mum Alison share their much loved meeting places…

Catherine became a local of Aberdeen when she moved here in 2012 with her partner who works in the oil and gas industry. Whilst her mum is not a ‘local’, Catherine treats her to a stay at her favourite Skene House Holburn when she comes to visit; as much as they love each other, mum doesn’t like to impose and Catherine believes that having their own space is better for both of them! As they don’t get to see each other often they love to do a bit of shopping together, a visit to John Lewis and Jo Malone is obligatory, as well as copius amounts of tea and cake. In the evening, Catherine says they love Skene House partner restaurant Howies because of its relaxed atmosphere and locally-sourced, fresh ingredients. Day trips to Royal Deeside and down to Stonehaven are also top of their list when spending quality mother-daughter time together.

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Mum Lucy and son Ruaridh aged 3
A long-term illness caused Lucy to give up her career in the beauty industry and become a stay at home mum to son Ruaridh aged 3. Lucy is an expert on how to enjoy the great outdoors of Aberdeen with a highly energetic toddler. Lucy & Ruaridh enjoy quality time together in Duthie Park and Hazelhead Park, both with wonderful childrens’ playground amenities. Lucy says that they can easily be in Duthie Park for 3 or 4 hours a day, several times a week and they particularly love the sandpit, winter gardens and cosy cafe. When family come up to visit they regularly stay at Skene House Whitehall and Rosemount and enjoy the flexibility and space of an apartment along with the convenience of a hotel. For mummy inspiration on where to go with toddlers in Aberdeen, follow Lucy on Instagram: @LucyMuir1

A weekend stay at Skene House Apartment Hotels makes the ideal Mother’s Day gift, enjoy an array of shops, theatres and restaurants all on your doorstep. Speak to one of our reservations team today to arrange any special touches you would like in your apartment on arrival such Champagne, flowers or chocolates +44 (0) 1224 659 392 or email 

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