A Celebration of City Living with Skene House

For decades cities have been viewed as centres of commerce, for the young, for couples, for transient workers. Many people (especially young families) chose to move to the countryside or a suburb to settle down. But it’s all changing.


City Living – courtesy of VisitAberdeenshire

For forty years Skene House has made guests at home in the heart of Aberdeen City centre, and we’re delighted to see a shift back towards city living, with a push on urban spaces being developed for residential living, partying and playing.

Stay in the city, and not only do you have the basics (the schools, doctors and dentists on the doorstep) you have so much more. We’re talking art and culture – from festivals and comedy, to music, theatre and street art.


Street Art – courtesy of VisitAberdeenshire

Kids have so much on tap – classes ranging from karate and hip hop, to Spanish and tennis. Nip them to the theatre, to kids’ movies at the cinema, visit a mix of museums and galleries, or hit the beach. It’s all available in town.


Parklife for Tots – courtesy of Scots2Travel

Cities are generally getting greener, but Aberdeen has always boasted vast and award-winning parks and gardens. With a weekly Park Run, stunning botanic gardens, sculptures, playgrounds, a Pets Corner, wildlife, boating pond and cafés, Aberdeen’s parks offer a range of sights, sounds and flavours.

Ultimately city living works for all ages. In Aberdeen Skene House is delighted to see many grand, granite residential buildings, that had been transformed into modern offices, being returned to homes once more.


A Variety of Dining options await in the city

Cities offer variety and buy you time, a very precious commodity. You can eliminate the commute, and have everything you need at your fingertips. From cool coffee shops and dog-friendly, Vegan or Vegetarian cafés, international food, hipster barbers, spas, specialists shops and boutiques, to old school restaurants, craft beers and quality bars, you choose the experience you desire in a buzzing city. The next day you can opt for an entirely different vibe, perhaps more chilled, or perhaps more orientated towards the home.


Start your day your way…

And the great thing about Aberdeen is that the countryside is a mere fifteen minute drive away. It takes no time at all to head off on a rural adventure. And that’s what many of our guests love. Furnished, stylish apartment-living in the city, every resource on tap, yet the option to disappear to the coast, the hills or the fields as they wish. The city has always been where it’s at, but cities are home, and Aberdeen is a particularly safe, elegant and welcoming home. We hope you embrace city life with Skene House.


Escape to the country – courtesy of VisitAberdeenshire

Skene House offers fully furnished one bedroom suites, and two or three bedroom apartments, each with their own kitchen and living room. Accommodation can be booked on a short stay (from one night) or long stay basis (from 30 nights). With free city centre parking, strong wifi and excellent service, Skene House aims to offer quality accommodation that feels like home.

For more information get in touch at, phone +44 1224 659 392 or email


Have the city at your fingertips – at Skene House



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