Let’s Cook!

Our guests are busy people. We see you rush to early morning business meetings, battle the elements on the golf course, work up healthy appetites at sea, or even tackle fun-filled hours of castle trails with the kids!

We know that you need the right fuel to keep you going, that’s why we’ve introduced comforting, nutritious and convenient COOK meals for you to enjoy in the comfort of your suite at Skene House Holburn.

COOK meals are not your average frozen meal, they use the same ingredients and techniques you would use at home – so in true Skene House style you gain that comforting sense of home on the move.

A young British brand using fresh and seasonal British produce, COOK offers classic British favorites and here at Skene House we have carefully selected our top 5. Please let us know what you think of our edit, and if you have specific dietary requests and preferences we will endeavor to meet your needs.

With our new range of COOK meals, travel doesn’t mean you have to compromise your diet or food intolerances. COOK ranges include meals for calorie counters, gluten free, dairy free, vegan and seniors.

Ask our friendly reception team for more details and why not view these videos by COOK to whet your appetite.

To reserve your next stay at Skene House Holburn contact: T: +44 (0) 1224 659 392 or book online.

For alternative dining options at Skene House Holburn, view our partner restaurants.



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