Hotel with Free Overnight City Centre Parking in Aberdeen – with Skene House

Hotel with Free Overnight City Centre Parking in Aberdeen, with Skene House

When people look for accommodation, of course they want relaxing, stylish rooms, but at Skene House we’ve discovered one of our hidden gems is our free, secure* city centre parking with CCTV.

Hotel with Free Overnight City Centre Parking Aberdeen

Hotel with Free Overnight City Centre Parking in Aberdeen

Yes, our apartments and suites come with their own fully furnished kitchens, comfortable living rooms, and one, two or three bedrooms, but if you can’t park at a hotel you can be creating a lot of headaches and expense for yourself.

Accommodation without parking may look like a bargain but, if you are taking the car, it’s a hidden cost —  a bit like paying for a suitcase or an allocated seat on a budget airline. It pays to add it all up before you book. Our parking is free, so it’s one less thing to think about.

Hassle Factor – Hotel with Free Overnight City Centre Parking in Aberdeen

Hotel with Free Overnight City Centre Parking AberdeenIf you opt not to book a hotel with parking then, before you leave your hometown, you may have to research the nearest multi storey car park that will actually allow overnight parking. Secondly, you then need to find it when you arrive in Aberdeen. Thirdly, securing an actual parking space can be a stressful headache. Fourthly, you might only find a parking space at a distance from your hotel, which may lead to an interesting walk in the rain whilst carrying your bags. Fifthly, if a parking meter is faulty, then the onus is on you to find and use another parking meter with the same tariff and purchase a parking ticket, or use a cashless parking system via your mobile. Such fun!

At Skene House we prefer to our guests to park with us, stress free.

Money, money, money!

Hotel with Free Overnight City Centre Parking AberdeenMany hotels charge for the onsite parking they offer. We opt not to do that: you are our guests and you are more than welcome to park in our car parks for free.

Current on street tarriffs often don’t allow parking for substantial periods of time. In Inner Central zones of Aberdeen the maximum duration of parking is one hour for £3.30, (Monday-Saturday: 8am to 8pm, and Sunday: 1pm to 5pm), which increases to two hours for £4.40 Monday-Saturday after 6pm. Outer central is a maximum of two hours for £4.00.

The mutli-storeys do allow drivers to park for longer. Read more here but, to summarise, Chapel Street, West North Street, Virginia Street and Denburn car parks charge £20.00 for up to 14 hours (with charging hours of Monday-Saturday: 8am to 8pm and Sunday: 1pm to 5pm). Other Aberdeen city multi storey car parks allow a maximum of two or four hours, with variable charging hours.

Skene House – Hotel with Free Overnight City Centre Parking in Aberdeen

At Skene House, once you’ve found our carpark you’ve arrived! Guests can park metres from the door, making it so much easier travelling in bad weather, travelling with luggage, with children, or frailer passengers. You can also load up your car with ease when it comes to departure.

Parking is free – leave your car with us and you don’t have to think about it again, until you depart. Alternatively, if you need to attend meetings, or sight see, you can head out for the day or pop out for a couple of hours without stressing about finding a parking space upon your return, and finding the right change to cover your parking.

Our car parks are secure and monitored by CCTV, so you don’t have to worry when you stay with us.

It’s Your Visit. Make the Most of It.

If you’re visiting Skene House for work, then you need to focus on the job in hand, rather than waste energy on minor details like parking. If you’re visiting Skene House for leisure, then you wish to relax, enjoy yourself, eat and drink great food, see a bit of Aberdeen, our coastline or Royal Deeside. When on holiday, it’s important that your time is your own. Who needs to spend their vacation clock-watching a parking meter?

At Skene House we try to go the extra mile to make your stay as easy and as pleasurable as possible. We pride ourselves on excellent service, and we often find that the Devil’s in the detail. Small concerns such as parking can have a big impact, and cost, on your stay. Ultimately, Skene House sweats the small stuff, so you don’t have to. We hope you have a fulfilling visit to the Granite City.

Consider Skene House Holburn Hotel Suites, a boutique all-suite hotel with thirty-five 1, 2 and 3 bedroom suites, each with a separate living and dining room, and kitchen, available nightly, located where the West End meets the city centre. Or look into Skene House Rosemount Hotel Apartments, hotel-serviced apartments with sixty-two 1, 2, and 3 bedroom affordable luxury apartments. Most have an open plan living/kitchen/dining room, larger apartments have separate living room, dining room and kitchen, and all have a separate bedroom(s), located in the heart of the city centre. For our current offers and discounts please click here, and for things to do in the area please visit here.

*Skene House Rosemount’s main car park is gated. Skene House Holburn and Whitehall have a barrier. The small car park at Whitehall and the church’s rear car park at Rosemount have no gate or barrier. It very rarely happens, but if our car parks are full, we will direct guests to the nearest convenient public parking.



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