Hypoallergenic & Hyper-Clean Aberdeen Apartments to Combat Covid-19

Hypoallergenic & Hyper-Clean Aberdeen Apartments to Combat Covid-19 – At Skene House we’re aiming far higher than clean in the new world of Covid-19. We’ve made headlines by trialling technology developed by NASA to achieve the highest levels of hygiene and cleanliness, to give our guests as much reassurance as possible. We felt that cleaning, and even deep cleaning, weren’t necessarily enough to give our customers peace of mind.

Going forward Skene House is working with Room to Breathe to purify the air in selected apartments and apply antimicrobial coatings to surfaces. Using non-toxic and environmentally friendly processes, Room to Breathe removes up to 99.999% of contaminates including Coronoviruses, influenzas, bacteria, allergens, mould, germs & VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). Testing and swabbing ensures the highest levels of confidence.

In most hotel rooms, the minute a cleaned surface is touched it’s rendered dirty once more, and potentially contaminated. The new system means that the air is purer and surfaces stay cleaner for far longer.  This is a summary of what we’ve done, and what we’re doing going forward:-

Hypoallergenic & Hyper-Clean Aberdeen Apartments to Combat Covid-19

Hypoallergenic & Hyper-Clean Aberdeen Apartments to Combat Covid-19

1 SKENE HOUSE DEEP CLEAN – Our Housekeeping team is well practised in the appropriate use of cleaning products, including correct dosing, effective application, and the use of the right product for cleaning and sanitising each surface and environment.

2 RENTOKIL – On top of our own deep clean protocol, Rentokil’s Coronavirus Specialist Disinfection Services visited Skene House to disinfect our public areas and accommodation.

3 TEST – Andersen Caledonia, the largest independent sterilisation company in the UK and Ireland, who have a unique system for surface testing of COVID-19, visited Skene House to test our public areas and accommodation. All our tests came back negative.

4 BIOTOUCH – We partnered with Room to Breathe, the first hospitality company in Scotland to do so, to trial their innovative system of Bio-touch and Sanification. The apartment is treated with Biotouch antimicrobial coating. This is non toxic and non poisonous. When viruses and bacteria land on the protected surface, the cellular structure is ruptured (not poisoned) and becomes defunct. This has a permanent bond with the surface and can only be chipped, abraded or painted over to lose its efficacy.

6 PROTEXT – A layer of protection that permanently interrupts the life cycle of dust mites and bed bugs was applied to Skene House mattresses.


Hypoallergenic & Hyper-Clean Aberdeen Apartments to Combat Covid-19

Hypoallergenic & Hyper-Clean Aberdeen Apartments to Combat Covid-19

7 SANIFYING – The strategic placement of the sanifiers throughout the serviced apartments and public areas deliver protection from airborne and surface contaminants.

Hypoallergenic & Hyper-Clean Aberdeen Apartments to Combat Covid-19

Charles Skene

Founder, Charles Skene wishes to deliver the most hygienic rooms for his guests, commenting, “As lockdown eases, guests and clients are looking for as much safety and certainty as possible to increase their travel confidence, and we feel that this innovative system and testing protocol provide that.”

If you were shielding or if you wish to protect your health, or if you’re visiting friends and relatives and wish to protect others, then do consider a Skene House ‘Room to Breathe’. Our new system was originally devised to create a hypoallergenic room experience, so it’s also ideal for those who suffer from allergies, have immunity issues, or are susceptible to toxins or dust. But in a world where anxiety is heightened by Coronavirus, the cleanliness of surfaces and the air that guests breathe is paramount.

Skene House is used to being a leader in its field. When Skene House opened in 1979 it was among the first to offer serviced apartment accommodation in the UK, and the first in Scotland. Our founder saw that traditional hotel rooms didn’t deliver what people required, so we provided it. Over forty years later we’re doing the same, because we’re the first hospitality provider in Scotland to offer this hyper-clean service. We can see what travellers need to reassure them and  bring greater peace of mind. We’re doing our utmost to deliver.

Hypoallergenic & Hyper-Clean Aberdeen Apartments to Combat Covid-19

Hypoallergenic & Hyper-Clean Aberdeen Apartments to Combat Covid-19

Covid-19 has increased people’s awareness of the dangers that are present and our new Room to Breathe apartments are cleaner than clean – we’re calling them #SkeneClean. Visit to contact us with any further questions or to price/book a room.

Read our press articles here:- The Herald / The Press & Journal / Hotel News Scotland / Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce / Invest Aberdeen

Skene House Holburn, located where the West End meets the city centre, provides 1, 2 and 3-bedroom serviced apartments on a self-catering or B&B basis for 5 nights or longer. Parking and strong wifi is provided free of charge.

Skene House Whitehall offers long stay (30 nights or longer) 1, 2 or 3 bedroom residences, with free parking and wifi.

Discover more about the unique Skene House at For more information, the best rates and detailed room descriptions get in touch at +44 1224 659 392 or email If you found ‘Hypoallergenic & Hyper-Clean Aberdeen Apartments to Combat Covid-19’ useful then please consider subscribing.



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