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Mike Steen has been cooking up culinary delights at Skene House Rosemount for six years. Whether it’s hearty Scottish breakfasts, dainty canapés or catering for large scale events and conference he’s sure to get guests’ taste buds tingling.

Q1. How long have you worked at Skene House for?
Just over six years.

Q2. How would you describe Skene House?
Vibrant, relaxed, smart and welcoming.

Q3. Have you ever been asked to prepare anything unusual?
A guest once asked for a plain omelette made with just three egg whites – it looked more like a flat souffle with no colour or taste. Yuck!

Q4. Do you use local produce in the kitchen and if so what and from where?
We try and use local products as much as possible. All our butchery meats come from McWilliams in Aberdeen while our milk and dairy produce comes from Grahams Dairy in Inverurie.

Q5. What is your favourite meal to prepare?
For me personally, nothing beats poached eggs on brown toast with crispy bacon – delicious!

Q6. Have you always been an early bird or did it take some getting used to preparing breakfast to be served from 6.30am daily?
Luckily, I’ve always been an early riser so getting up at 4.30am isn’t a problem.

Q7. What’s the best thing about your job?
I love arranging the menus for clients and conferences and helping guests try new ideas.

Q8. When you’re not at Skene House where you are likely to be found?
I’m usually found zipping around town on my motorbike or on the blood bike volunteering for North East Riders Volunteers. We’re always busy during the summer months promoting the charity at local events.

Q9. What’s your top tip for something to see or do in Aberdeen and surrounding area?
A trip to the Torry Battery during the summer months to see the bottlenose dolphins is a must. It’s one of the best places in Europe to see them.
The coastal route from Aberdeen to Dundee is great of bike tours and gets you off the beaten track.
Farmers markets held in Aberdeen and throughout Aberdeenshire are a fantastic way to try local produce.



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