Children’s Birthday Parties at Skene House, Aberdeen

Children’s Birthday Parties at Skene House, Aberdeen Parents are frequently looking for somewhere new and different to hold their child’s birthday party, rather than heading to the same destinations time and time again. At Skene House we know how important birthdays can be, as we’re in the midst of a very special year ourselves. In […]

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Celebrating 40 years of Doing Things Differently at Skene House Aberdeen

  2019 is a special year, as we celebrate a BIG anniversary at Skene House, Aberdeen. And what a journey it’s been. Over four decades ago Charles Skene CBE saw the city of Aberdeen changing before his eyes, as hundreds of families relocated to the region, thanks to the oil rush off the coast of the Granite City. […]

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21 Reasons to Stay at Skene House Holburn!

Skene House Hoburn has just turned 21! We’ve come of age. After several decades of providing quality accommodation in the heart of Aberdeen we can […]

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