Why Aberdeen Loves Nuart

The streetwise art festival Nuart is returning to Aberdeen for its second year, falling on 12-15 April 2018. Like any city, festivals come and go, and people are more passionate about some events than others, but Nuart created waves across the board. You couldn’t move on social media for seeing another Nuart picture or design shared by a friend, colleague or acquaintance. Aberdonians and visitors to the city really bought into it, and they continue to do so as the works still decorate the Granite City for all to see.

At Skene House we’re really intrigued as to what will pop up on our streets in Nuart 2018, but we wanted to get to the nub about why the festival was such a runaway success last year, so we asked a mix of ordinary people (not art critics or designers but our own staff) for their opinions. These are people who work hard in the city of Aberdeen and enjoy life here, maybe you can relate to this too.


Photo courtesy of Ian Cox

Melissa Gilchrist, Director and General Manager, Skene House HotelSuites
“The art itself was colourful, raw and imaginative. It wasn’t precocious or over people’s heads, and it turned quite plain buildings in Aberdeen into locations to be celebrated. My favourite piece is the image of the young girl’s face that you see if you pop down to The Green. This artwork has made the Aberdeen Market building a joy to behold. The legacy of Nuart 2017 is often still there, we can still appreciate it every time we pass through The Green. It wasn’t just a fleeting thing, we’re still benefiting from Nuart 2017.”

Scott Cairns, Reservationist, Skene House Rosemount
“I appreciated how flexible Nuart was. I work Monday to Friday, 9 till 5, in the city centre, which means I can walk from work to see the various artworks that are part of Nuart. The handy thing about Nuart was the fact that I could visit the artworks at any time, it suited my schedule. I could wait for a sunny day, the weekend or when some friends are free, and it gave me a reason to explore parts of my home city that I hadn’t visited for a while with my camera in tow. Really inspiring.”

Angela Greenhalgh, Commercial Manager, Skene House HotelSuites
“For me accessibility was a huge part of the appeal. Seeing the artworks created by the festival is free for everyone, which helps folk of all walks of life attend if they wish. The appeal of the festival  was also ageless, for example I could take my three year old and my teenager out for the day, and when we spot a Nuart image we get different things out of it. I could head out on my own for a day of hunting down the new artworks, or it also works for a group of friends. There were no barriers with these pieces of art, and that was such a buzz.”

Carly Simmers, Operations Manager, Skene House HotelSuites
“Nuart was a new and novel way for our guests to see Aberdeen in a new light, and it was great to welcome the artists to the Granite City. Nuart has put Aberdeen on the map and will continue to do so. It’s a really vibrant festival, in touch with young people too as the street art is undeniably cool.”

This year Nuart will work with sculptures, stencils, brushes, spray paint, tiles and other materials to radically transform areas of Aberdeen. A glorious mix of murals, street art, lectures, talks and films will take over the Granite City – check out the 2018 programme here (

Skene House HotelSuites are ideally suited for participating in Nuart 2018. We offer three city centre properties in the heart of Aberdeen: one in Rosemount; the other at the Holburn end of town; and a long stay offering (specialising in accommodation for a week or more) in Whitehall. Each one, two or three bedroom suite comes with its own fully furnished kitchen and living room. Free city centre parking is available, and powerful wifi operates across all properties ensuring guests can upload those social media images speedily. Larger suites come with their own washing machines and driers, plus there are free on site laundries, which means that removing any ink or paint stains after artistic misadventure is no bother at all. Access Nuart straight from Skene House, discover more about our city breaks here.

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